As a successful entrepreneur and highly sought-after business guru, I am constantly being asked by people trying to climb the ladder of success “How can I ever become as successful as you?” Well the short answer, of course, is “You can’t. Don’t waste your time trying.” That said, there are still several things you can do to ignite your career, including offering to have sex with your company’s president or blackmailing the CFO with photos from last December’s Holiday Office party. But these strategies are best reserved for the experienced career climber. For someone with your more modest level of talent and ambition, how about we start with something a bit more basic, shall we?

One of the most important things every business professional can do to improve their chances of getting promoted is this: Awlays proffread yoru wrok.

How we communincate in righting can leaf lunglasting impassions about us. Weather its an emale massage, a business mammo or a for mall propostal, it is criticial to revue your work for accuratecy. By making egreekious grammer and spoiling misteaks, it can from in the mind of the reader a severally negative impersonation abort you. They may persleeve you too bee someone who is lazey, careles, disogranized or somewon who simply can’t finnish their

I can’t stress how pearamount it is to careflee skan your work for posse ball tie pose. Remember, how you communionate in rightwing may be the differents between getting a raze and getting fried. I could knot be moor serialous about this then I are.

Before you click your moose button to press SNED, be sure two use your Spell Chequer button. It can save you a town of humidiation.  For exam pull, there was a time I wrote the sentence, “This paln will save the copmany thosuands of dullars and hlep us avoid costly lipigation”. Thanks to my spillcheek utilitey, I was able to fine my error befour sending and rewrite the sentence elinimating all those confusion mistakes: “This plan will save the co-pay thousands of dullards and help us avoid costly liposuction”. They’re! Much bettor. That sure could have been embearassing, I mus stay.

But even using spoilchex, there is still a change off eras. You can only relay on spellchekc to get you part of the weigh their. Sometimes a word may appear to be spelled propelly, but it’s still the wrong word. For example, your spellcheck tool might sea the following sin tense and not see anything wrong: “He got excellent grades but was only excepted at a miner universe city.” Well, it does not take a socket rientist to see the obvious mistake:  It should have read, “He received excellent grades.”  The use of “got” is poor English.

An other come in miss take can happen which spell check simply cannot cache: inerting the wrong prounon into a sentence. Spell check won’t defect the follow in blonder: “The infatuated boy looking out the window was consumed by his obsession or Jessica.” Did you catch the error? That’s write. The boy was obviously stalking Jessica, so clearly he wood be looking IN the window from the bushes outside her bedroom, not OUT the window.

It is also impotent for the heath of your car rear to pay clothes intention to make sure you don’t accidentally use the wrong word all two gather. Re-reed your work with an a tent shun to D tale or else you might found yourself the object of a very pubic humiliation. Two of ten poeple just hurray through their mess age and waist time warring about what fount to use or wear to under line, instead of making shore to meticulantly dubble chick their work for mis pellings. Imagine what sort of opiumion you would half of me if I did not fooly in specked every litter of this artcycle. But I can’t a fiord too may kmistakes width something sew import ant as this business lesion.

This is no laugh-in matter. Mill yawns of Americans cant even compost a coherent sentence. I blame the enter net and cell phonz.  Thnx 2 txt mssgng, mny yng pple hve frgttn how 2 use vwls almst cmpltly. Vry Vry sd. In business, however, accessive inebriations may axually make your meaning hoarder to understate and cooled hold yew back. The key to career advance meant is nowing how to commmunicate farsefully, thoughtly, and clearfully.

To summon up, I reirritate they’re is no shore cut for well righting in buziness. And as my nineth grayed teachure once toad me, when it comes to panesteakingly proffreading yoru wrok, rememember that the editor’s penis a righter’s best protect shin.

That’s the view from the bleach hearse. Perhaps I’m off bays. 

© Tim Jones, View from the Bleachers 2012

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