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What critics are saying about View From The Bleachers

It’s perhaps the greatest piece of humor journalism I have ever read anywhere, bar none.  Better than Will Rogers at his best. It is humor writing at its most delightfully incisive and inspiring. (Now when do I get my check for saying this crap?) – Chip Atwood, Las Vegas Reporter

If you’re looking for really funny social commentary and clever, thought-provoking insights into this thing we call the human condition, all I can say after reading View From the Bleachers, is… keep looking. – Deanna Martin, Dallas Evening Star Telegram

There may be, as Tim Jones says, more than 135 million blogs out there on the Net, but this is undoubtedly among the top 150,000 – give or take.  – Ed Morrison, Pacific Press News Service

Before I found out about Tim Jones’ View From the Bleachers blog, I thought all blogs were just dull, wordy web sites where the blogger just pontificated on obscure meaningless topics that only he/she cared about. And then I read View From the Bleachers. I stand by my previous comment.  – Lee Runnells, Harper Conrad Publishing

“Brilliant”, “clever”, “playful”, “insightful”, “imaginative” and “entertaining” are all words that immediately come to mind when you ask me to list random adjectives with more than one syllable. – Maria Hernandez, English Teacher, Crestview Middle School

At least it keeps the boy out of trouble. God knows he’s not qualified to do much of anything else in this world.  – Betty Jones (Tim’s mother)

After enduring weeks of mind-numbingly annoying and time-wasting jokes in the office, I suggested Tim find a creative outlet for his brand of inappropriate, juvenile humor. I want to publicly apologize to anyone reading this blog. I had no idea it would lead to this. – Cynthia Clay, Entrepreneur and Tim’s day job boss

What did we do before Tim Jones started writing his View from the Bleachers humor blog? Oh that’s right, we watched old Frasier reruns. Now that was a funny show. Is it still on? – Nate Tallison, Miami News Journal

Tim Jones’ View from the Bleachers blog – What do I think of it? Well, if that’s not a train wreck waiting to happen, I don’t know what is. – Frank Nash, Tim’s High School English teacher

Tim Jones has found the perfect viewpoint for the common man and used it to make the most astute observations I’ve read in a long time — a skillful blend of H.L. Mencken, C.S. Lewis, and F.P. Adams.  Besides, I really like his sister.  Andrew Fisher, Academy-Award-winning former Internet journalist and broadcaster

Tim Jones. Ah yes, Tim Jones. Is that the fellow who has been stalking me for the past six months for my autograph and keeps leaving me rambling voice mail messages saying “I’m your biggest fan?” Will someone please tell him to stop? – Dave Barry, Humor Columnist

Can you get off the computer, Dad? You’ve been hogging it all day. And besides, nobody is really going to read any of this stuff anyway.” – Rachel Jones, student, age 15

I can’t believe how incredibly, unbelievably awful this drivel is. I sure hope he doesn’t give up his day job.  I mean, it’s really horrible. (Note to self: Be sure not to use this quote. This guy really seems to hate me.) – Charlie Mann, Portland Beacon Herald Sun Times Post Gazette Dispatch

I can’t speak for his writing ability, but to be honest, he sucks at racquetball. Is it okay to say “sucks”?  – Keith Weinberger, racquetball partner

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